My feet have been hurting for a long time now, probably over 10 years.  I have been to a podiatrist who gave me custom arch supports.  The supports helped but the foot pain didn’t go away.  Walking long distances became difficult and something I tried to avoid.  To be fair, I also had a knee joint replaced in August of 2017.  I was anticipating being able to walk without pain after the knee surgery healed.  The knee did heal but the foot pain continued.  The pain started in the arch and eventually included the heel, the inside of the arch and the tops of my feet.  I was examined by Beth in late August 2018.  Using Nutrition Response Testing, she discovered that I had a fungus in my feet that was fueled by sugar (one of my favorite comfort foods).  I started taking supplements to eliminate the fungus and have cut my sugar intake by way more than half.  The pain has decreased to a point that I can put shoes on and not have them hurt and to be able to walk with ease.  I know when I have eaten too much sugar because my feet remind me!!  Beth has been a tremendous help to both my feet and to my understanding how the things we eat affect the way our body functions.  I am forever grateful! ~ Cheri

My road to health began when my daughter introduced me to Nutrition Response Testing®.  For all of my life, I have struggled with sinus drainage to the point it would choke me when I slept and I was forced to toss and turn all night to prevent the phlegm from building up in my throat.  I started on a program with Beth and for a solid week, I was coughing and blowing my nose and expelling all of this phlegm from my throat.  By the end of the week, I was free of this issue and I have been free of it ever since.  It is simply amazing! I have other issues that have come up as well with my eyes, prostate and ears.  Gradually I am experiencing improvement in those areas as well.  I am finding out that sugar plays a big role in all of this as well and that is my biggest struggle to get rid of.  I see the awesome benefits of the program and am feeling better and better as a result.  It takes a commitment to the program to really see the benefits but it is definitely worth it. ~ Lee

My main joy goal accomplished is my sinuses have drained and my face actually is shaped slightly different without the swelling and also, another Joy is I have taken ZERO pain medication since October. Zero! Since age 14, I have daily used aspirin or Tylenol every 4 hours.  I am pain free! I never knew this to be possible.  Thank you Beth for your help in this journey.  ~Sheryl

I just received my latest PSA reading and it’s 7.01.  That’s down from over 9 in October. This is a victory.  Thanks! ~ Jonathan

Before beginning the program with Beth, I struggled daily with chronic fatigue, brain fog, stomach/digestive issues, chronic inflammation, monthly menstrual issues, emotional issues and sinus/throat pain.  After following Beth’s suggested program for my body, I feel like a different person! By following her recommendations of supplements and dietary changes, my chronic fatigue, insomnia, brain fog and digestive issues have completely cleared up!  My joint pain, especially in my knees, is almost completely gone.  After seeing 3 different doctors for my adrenal, thyroid and menstrual issues, I am finally seeing healing in my body.  One major issues I had every month was with my cycle.  The flow was so heavy that it hindered even being able to leave my home on day 2.  As Beth added a thyroid supplement, my cycle has completely changed!  It is less painful and the flow is exceedingly less.  This has been incredible for me as I had struggled with this issue for 15 years.  Even my husband has noticed a huge difference in my mood and my health and I am so thankful for the healing that my body and my life has experienced through Beth’s program for me.  Thank you Beth! ~ Glenda

Beth Daniels is amazing. I would highly recommend seeing her if you’re suffering. (This is not a paid endorsement 😜I truly believe she can help your body become so much better.).  She has helped me find relief from my chronic pain in my si joint. I have had pain there my whole life, even having back surgery didn’t change my specific pain point. I had to eliminate soda that was causing inflammation and started taking specific supplements to support my joints and ligaments. I am amazed that after 3 months of supplements and cold laser scar treatment my pain is almost obsolete.  My stomach area has been reeking havoc and the doctors haven’t been able to help me in over a year. After getting tested I started having a change in the pain within 4 days of taking supplements. She was able to let me know that the flu virus and bacteria/fungus was hanging out in that specific spot. I can now easily touch my triggered spot and feel no pain. I just can’t believe what a difference she has made in my life. I’m so blessed. ~ Sarah

Beth helped me verify that red food dye had been changing the behavior of my little girl.  I had suspicions that it was linked to red food dye and Beth came over and tested my daughter and verified through the testing that her body did not like food dyes at all.  When she would have any food with food dye in it, especially the red food dye, I would describe her behavior as Tasmanian devil like.  She would get dark rings around the bottom of her eyes, red spots around her mouth, she couldn’t focus, had darting eyes, didn’t listen, couldn’t sit still and it seemed like she become more physically rough than normal.  She wouldn’t have any sense of personal space or care for how she may be too rough with others.  Now that we watch the labels on her food for the red dye, she is a totally different little girl. ~ Kari

I began having pain and discomfort in my right hip shortly after the birth of my son.  I saw a Chiropractor and tried stretches.  The pain would go away for a while but always came back.  When Beth Daniels tested me, she found that I had a parasite affecting my hip.  The pain went away a few days after beginning treatment.  When I went off the supplements between rounds, the pain would come back but it came back milder each time until it was gone.  My son Quentin has autism and cerebral palsy.  he is on a gluten free/casein free/soy free diet.  He had some undiagnosed digestive issues and had been on Miralax for a few years for constipation that conventional medicine had no cure for.  After being tested by Beth, he was put on supplements to help his gut.  His stools began to be much looser within the week as the toxins left his body and they remained looser.  We were able to finally take him off the Miralax. ~ Keri


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